HC-312F FitScan Breath Checker

  • Improved sensor measures volatile sulfur compounds in the breath
  • Easy to read and operate with oversized backlit LCD display
  • Color coded display, green and red for quick reference
  • Convenient and discrete analysis on the go
  • Measures in seconds, with six levels of odor
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The HC-312F Fitscan Breath Checker is an innovative palm-size monitor that detects and measures the presence of annoying or embarrassing breath odors. Simply turn it on, breathe into the sensor, and a reading appears on the digital display.  Measures odor in seconds, with results displayed in six levels.


The HC-312F Fitscan uses a Semi-Conductor gas sensor to measures the amount of volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) given off by bacteria. Easy to read and operate. Convenient and discrete to use, 4.4" X 0.8" X 0.7" and weighing only 1.1 oz.  Powered by one 1 AAA battery (included).

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