Digital Weight Scales

HD-384 Digital Weight Scale



Tanita HD-384 Digital Weight Scale

View 3 units of measure on one display all at once.

The Tanita HD-384 is unique in displaying three unit readings at once. View your weight in pounds, kilograms, and stone-pound on one single LCD blue backlit display without having to change settings. In addition the HD-384 has an extremely low-profile, oversized platform with a weight capacity of 440 pounds. Tanita digital bathroom scales are known for accuracy, reliable performance, and unique features. The modern styling of 8mm thick Black Tempered Glass complements any environment.

  • 3 Unit Readings on Single Display
  • Heavy gauge steel construction
  • Extremely thin, low-profile, extra large platform

Capacity: 440 lb/200 kg/31 st 6lb
Increments: 100g/0.2 lbs.
Triple-line, 2.5" x 3.9", Blue Backlit LCD Display

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