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Tanita HC-212SF FitScan Bad Breath Checker - Black

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  • Analyzes volatile sulfer compounds in the breath
  • Results in seconds
  • Convenient and discrete analysis on the go
  • Six levels of odor
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The HC-212SF Breath Checker is an innovative palm-size monitor that detects and measures the presence of annoying or embarrassing breath odors. Simply turn it on, breathe into the sensor, and a reading appears on the digital display.  Measures odor in seconds, with results displayed in six levels.


The HC-212SF uses a Semi-Conductor gas sensor to measures the amount of volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) given off by bacteria.  The sensor is less sensitive to orders given off by food and drink, and you should wait at least 10 minutes after eating before testing.


Easy to read and operate.  Convenient and discrete to use, 4.4" X 0.8" X 0.7" and weighing only 1.1 oz.  Powered by one 1 AAA battery (included).  Product life 500 measurements (can still use the detector beyond the this period, but reading accuracy cannot be guaranteed).

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