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UM-081 Body Fat / Body Water Monitor Master Carton

Tanita UM-081 Body Fat and Body Water Monitor 330 lb Capacity 2 User Memory.

     ***Special Price ends July 30th while supplies last, 4 scales per master carton.


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 The UM-081 measures your weight, and calculates your body fat % and body water % using bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA), the same highly accurate FDA cleared method used in all our body fat and body composition products. BIA passes freely through the fluids contained in muscle tissue and in blood, but encounters difficulty when passing through fat tissue, which contains little water. By using the impedance reading along with gender, age, height and weight the scale can quickly and reliably calculate body fat and total body water.


Body fat monitoring using the UM-081 is an essential tool for precisely measuring your body's inner health.  Maintaining healthy body fat levels has far more value than simply calculating your body mass index (BMI).   Proper hydration is essential for life.  Maintaining a healthy body water % improves overall health, keeps you feeling energized and operating at a peak performance.  Average range for a healthy adult female is 45 - 60% and for a male 50% - 65%.


Operating on four AA batteries (included) that last over 2 years, the Tanita UM-081 is intended for use by persons up to 330 pounds.

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